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Use the calculator below to see what you'll pay for leads ready to meet... after you received the lead!

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Only Pay for Results

We leverage AI targeting systems to identify your target audience and gather information needed to reach out directly.

High-Intent Leads

Prospecting done wrong is selfish. Lead generation done right is focused on peaking emotional curiosity and intrigue.

Emotional Curiosity

Leveraging the Sophia, the Workless Assistant, we’re able to reach your ideal prospects using an omni-channel approach.

Rely on Experts

There isn’t a sane person in this world that isn’t willing to pay after results have been provided. That’s where Kickstart comes in!

Pay only after you have leads ready to meet.

No lead flow, no cash flow. Yet, have you ever met a business that hasn’t been screwed by a lead generation company before? We certainly haven’t, and it’s disappointing.

The Workless Agency was built by sales and marketing professionals that know how to get the job done. Between our world-class Flash Teams, AI and automation capabilities, and even Sophia, the Workless Assistant, it’s safe to say we can drive leads.

Skeptical? You don’t have to believe us. Under our Kickstart program, Workless only gets paid after you have leads ready to meet. These are leads that know about you and want to meet, period. We don’t get paid for the “just send me info”, low-intent prospect we all dread.

Our Process

How It Works

1. Intake & Kick-off

We know every Kickstart client is different. That’s why we give every client a white-glove onboarding experience.

4. Optimization

Using both human and artificial intelligence, we optimize every outreach campaign daily, putting quality first at all times.

2. AI Targeting

Using AI targeting capabilities, our team hones in on the exact persona needed to maximize response rates.

5. High-Intent LR2M

A lead is good. A Lead Ready 2 Meet is even better. Every lead we provide you is high-intent and ready to learn more.

3. SmartCampaigns

Using our own proprietary system, Sophia, the Workless Assistant, we conduct omni-channel outreach campaigns.

6. Pay for Results

Notice this is the last step in the process. You only pay once we drive results and you have leads ready to meet in your funnel.

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Terms & Conditions | Privacy policy  ©2020 All right reserved.