Sales Capabilities

Marketing gets you leads, but you need to be able to close and seal deals to truly grow. Too many organizations have incredible capabilities and can impact their customers greatly, but don’t have the right people, technology, frameworks, etc. in place to create a predictable, scalable sales system.

  • Sales Development
  • High-Ticket Closing
  • Sales Automation
  • Sales Coaching
  • Cold Outreach
  • Worklfow Optimization
  • Sales Collateral
  • Pitch-Deck Optimization

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Powered by Sales Experts

Our Founders started as sales experts. This is what we do and how we got started. The Workless team has consulted with Fortune 500 companies down to startups. If you’re trying to grow your sales, Workless is the team you want to have in your corner.

Sales Outreach

Where you lack inbound leads, you can fill the gaps with direct sales outreach that converts.

Prospect Nurturing

Every company has a sales cycle. Nurture your prospects from end to end, leading to sales.

Seal The Deal

The name of the game in sales is closing. Don’t have a closer on your team? We’ve got your back.

Sales Capabilities

What we offer

Cold Outreach

Those that don’t know about you can’t buy from you. Leverage a Flash Team of cold calling and outreach experts to fix that.

Deal Negotiation

Not everyone is comfortable negotiating high-ticket deals. We are. Choose Workless to be in your corner.

Sales System Setup

Want to keep sales in-house but don’t know where to start? Our team of Fortune 500 sales specialists can help.

Funnel Optimization

Understand where and why you’re losing deals based on data. We help companies understand where to focus efforts.

Prospect Nurturing

Prospects need constant nurturing and communicating. Workless can put your nurturing system on auto-pilot.

Sales Automation

We know a thing or two about sales automation. The Workless Assistant is a platform we built to do just that. 

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Terms & Conditions | Privacy policy  ©2020 All right reserved.